Coaright – The next generation Point-of-care and Self-testing PT/INR coagulometer in the palm of your hands

CoaRight is a hand-held point-of care and self-testing coagulometer intended for remote monitoring of vitamin K antagonist Oral Anticoagulation Therapy (OAT). It employs patented cutting-edge microfluidic, lab-on-a-chip and an opto-mechanical sensor technology to produce “lab equivalent” results with superior accuracy. Its uses a direct measurement principle based upon variation of viscoelasticity which makes it more advantageous to other electrochemical-based PoC coagulation devices as measurements are not affected by drug-drug interactions and other clinical symptoms.

Coaright system has a compact easy-to-use design which requires low volume blood sample from a finger prick, provides rapid turnaround (results within minutes) and integrates a multilevel quality control system. Tests can be performed in a clinical setting, doctor’s office or even at home, depending on the convenience and needs of the patient.