About Us

Enabling better healthcare outcomes for everyone.

Tarabios is a biomedical company focused on developing coagulation monitoring/diagnostics systems with the aim to improve the efficiency of healthcare professionals and patient’s quality of life. As a spin-off from Koc University (Istanbul/Turkey), on March 2021, Inventram and Koc Holding made a seed investment of $3.5 million.

Tarabios’ lead investigational device product candidate is a point-of-care (PoC) coagulometer which exploits the advantages of both microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip technological concepts under the company’s proprietary core technology with 2 patent portfolios granted in USA, Europe, Japan, Chian and Russia.

The PoC coagulometer is a hand-held device that performs individual tests on fresh (or citrated) whole blood. The system is designed for broad-spectrum monitoring of the activity of anticoagulants and their corresponding antidotes in a hospital setting at a patient’s bedside and/or as a self-care home monitoring device. A single test requires only about 10 microliters of whole blood from venous or capillary blood using a finger prick and results are reported within minutes.

Proof of concept and pre-clinical studies are supported by several scientific publications and the manufacturing process follows the highest guidelines and quality standards.

History and Business Model

Summary Visual Timeline

R&D activities have started at Koc University in 2008. Over ten publications covering the core technology and its potential applications were published since then. First pilot studies were conducted between 2015 and 2020. Prototyping phase was finalized between 2021 and 2023. Pilot batch and serial manufacturing activities were initiated in Q4 2023. Clinical Validation is planned to start during Q1 2024. CE Mark application is expected for Q2 2024 along with EU Market launch in Q4 2024. FDA clearance is expected in 2025.


The Core Team

Esat Oğuz

Former Sales Director at Reckitt Health, Former Head of Trade Relations at Pfizer, 15+ years Healthcare Industry Experience, MBA and BSc in Computer Engineering at Middle East Technical University

Prof. Hakan Ürey
Inventor & CSO

EE Faculty at Koç Uni, over 50 patents, ERC Grant, Entrepreneur with 5 spin offs: Kuantag, CY Vision, Augmency, Stoparkinson, Tarabios PhD in EE, Georgia Tech, USA

Dr. Sinan Müldür
Technology and Product Development Manager

Post-Doc at Harvard Medical School/ Mass General Hospital, PhD in Biotechnology at University of Lyon I (France), MSc in Biomedical Engineering at King’s College of London (UK), BSc in Biomaterial and Tissue Engineering at University of Sheffield (UK)

Elif Esen
Bio-Product Development Specialist

Startup Experience, MBA in Innovation Management, BSc & MSc in Biotechnology

Merve Kortel

Bioengineer, BSc & PhD student in Bioengineering

Ali Mişe
Hardware & Embedded Software Manager

BSc in Mechatronic Engineering Startup Experience 5+ years Medical Industry

Advisory Board

Dr. Şanser Ateş, M.D.
Cardiovascular Surgery

Koç University Hospital

Prof. Özlem Yalçın
School of Medicine, Physiology

Koç University

Dr. Said İncir
Biochemistry & Central Lab.

Koç University Hospital

Cem Soysal
CEO, Inventram Investments

Angel Investor

Development Partners