Problems about being tested at hospitals/clinics.

Blood Coagulation (PT/INR) Test

Blood coagulation time (PT) or simply its normalized ratio (INR) is expected to be between 0.8 and 1.2. Lower INR means faster clotting while higher INR means slower clotting. According to medical condition of some patients (for instance the ones with heart surgery) may require higher levels of INR. Hence frequent and regular testing is required to meet desired INR levels for patients on Warfarin (anti-coagulation drug) Therapy. Such frequent testing have a better chance to prevent;

    • stroke
    • thrombosis and embolism
    • , and treat Deep Vein Thrombosis
  Usually testing is done at Hospitals or Clinics but this;
  • is an exhaustive process for especially older patients,
  • requires a tube (2ml) of blood which is not convenient for infants or older patients,
  • prevents to be tested frequently.
So Tarabios* develops its solution for patient self-testing at home convenience.

*Still in development phase, not for sale yet.

Our Solution & Technology

Tarabios POC PT/INR Diagnostic Device for self-testing

  • Novel Fiber Optics Mechanical Measurement System
  • Not affected by patient's medication
  • Independent of Hematocrit Level
  • High Accuracy according to initial lab tests
  • Easy to use for self-testing
  • One drop blood sample
  • Self Check and Calibration

A sample multi-channel cartridge image.


  • Golden Standard Direct Measurement Principle
  • Fiber Optics based measurement and Platform Technology
  • PT / INR under a minute / ACT in development
Golden standard compared to our technology, similar in principle.


  • System: WO2015/033190 (Granted in USA, Europe, Japan, Pending in China)
  • Cartridge: PCT/TR2015/050117 (Pending in USA, EU, Japan, China, Russia)